Pilates 1020 - 10 Sept 2016

10 September 2016 - See full event page for more details http://knockaloe.im/page_428575.html


After a wet and windy night, the event took place on a fine, dry still morning. Thank you so much to the over 800 people who took part, many contributing to the Charity, to the Crosby Band who entertained us in style, to the fabulous troop of volunteers helping the Charity, and to local instructor, Lizzy Main www.pilates-isle-of-man.co.uk , who presented our standing 45 minutes Pilates class, enjoyed by the very youngest to the very oldest, and of all different levels of ability and mobility.

We have had the most fabulous feedback from participants of this historic event on the Camp where Pilates spent 3 1/2 years with so many fellow internees.

For more details see link http://knockaloe.im/page_428575.html

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Photograph of the event courtesy of Tony Lloyd-Davies refer to Pilates 1020 event page