The Visitors Centre

We are sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances we have decided to postpone the opening of the Centre for World War One Internment until everything is in place which is likely to be early May.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but look forward to welcoming you in May.



The Centre for WW1 Internment, Patrick Old School Rooms, Patrick Corner, Patrick Village, Isle of Man, IM5 3AL


This will link the human stories and imagery with the camp location itself in an imaginative and interactive way to engage 

visitors of all ages. It will help visitors to visualise the camp, understand what life would have been like at the camp and the 

village, and understand its impact on the internees and their families, the guards, the villagers, and the Island, as well as providing descendants with assistance in finding out more about their own internee, guard or village family member and add their story to our archive for future generations. 

We are delighted that the work on the site is now complete. The Village Workshop team (pictured on the video below) have taken down the crumbling, damp kitchen, toilet and boilerhouse extension at the back of Patrick Old School largely built on the old school wall, and the replacement extension is now up to roof level. Every stone from the old school wall has been reclaimed and will be rebuilt as the outer wall of the new dry and draft proof extension.