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The Centre for WW1 Internment Opening times 2021

Please note that, due to the ongoing restricted access to the Island for Visitors resulting from Covid-19, the Centre will be reopening to the public on a limited basis between Late May and September 2021 (Wednesdays and Saturdays only) to allow us to continue to focus on our research work email  2022 will reopen as usual to the Public from Late May until Late September as detailed on our Your Visit page.

For 2021 The Centre for WW1 Internment opens to the general public from late May until late September as detailed below:

The Model RoomPublic opening times:

2021 opening: Saturday 29 May 2021 - Saturday 25 September 2021 (Wednesdays and Saturdays only) .

2022 anticipated opening: Last Saturday in May until the last Saturday in September

Wednesday and Saturday

10am - 5pm

For Internee and Guard descendants, please see below*



Please note we will always be CLOSED for the following Island events:

TT Senior Race Day - TT is cancelled for 2021

Isle of Man Parish Walk - 19th June 2021

Isle of Man Royal Agricultural Show weekend - Friday 13th August & Saturday 14th August 2021

Privately booked groups:

2021: 29th May 2021 - 25th September 2021

2022: 1st April 2022 - 24th September 2022

Please note that entrance fees apply for all commercially guided tours, as well as for pre-booked private visits to cover the Charity’s costs of opening and ongoing development - see Fees section below

*Descendants of Internees, Guards and others who were part of this story:

The Charity would love to hear stories from descendants of Knockaloe internees or guards and we welcome descendants personally all year round, although please note that the full exhibition is only open during the summer season. Please contact us before your visit on so we can ensure a researcher is available and so you make the most of your visit.  The Exhibition is normally available for descendants to view annually between April and September by appointment (for 2021 only appointments to be made between June and September). The Exhibition is not open over the winter months however the FREE descendant research continues all year round.  We shall always try to accommodate your travel plans however please do contact us before booking to ensure the necessary staff are on hand. 

The Research RoomIf you are a Knockaloe descendant please contact the research team before visiting on to ensure that advance research can be carried out prior to a visit and that Trustee and lead researcher, Alison Jones, can be there personally to meet you during your visit and find out what is available about your family story.

The Research Room is open to descendants by appointment all year round, please E-mail for further information.

Entry Fees:

Individuals : Entry to the Centre is FREE however we very much welcome DONATIONS which allow us to cover our ongoing running costs of the Centre, and will allow us to continue to develop it.

Groups : For commercially organised groups where visitors are paying an overall fee for their trip and/or guide, there is a charge of £5 per person, payable by the tour operator/coach driver/guide before or upon arrival. For further inforamtion please E-mail


The Centre for WW1 Internment, Patrick Old School Rooms, Patrick Corner, Patrick Village, Isle of Man, IM5 3AL


The Main Hall ExhibitionGetting there:

The Centre for WW1 Internment is located in on the junction of the A27 and Patrick Road in Patrick Village on the west of the Island. From Peel follow signs to Glen Maye (A27), from St Johns follow signs to Castletown (A3) then signs to Patrick/Glen Maye (A30). For the location on Google Maps please click here

There is a car park directly in front of the Visitor Centre, however, please be cautious as the entrance is quite tight.



The Centre for WW1 Internment

Linking the human stories and imagery with the camp location itself in an imaginative and interactive way to engage 

visitors of all ages. After eight years of incredibly hard work, the Visitor Centre finally opened on 10 May 2019 and helps visitors to visualise the camp, understand what life would have been like within the camp and the village, and understand its impact on the internees and their families, the guards, the villagers, and the Island, as well as providing descendants with

assistance in finding out more about their own internee, guard or village family member and add their story to our archive for future generations. 

Incredibly the centre was destined to remain closed in 2020 with the Island’s borders shut as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, those borders anticipated to remain closed for some of 2021, however we shall reopen anew in 2022 with many more exhibits and developments and shall look forward to welcoming you all again then.

This has been the culmination of so much work and we are delighted when we were finally able to commence work on the site back in 2017. The construction work by The Village Workshop team (pictured on the video below) involved taking down the crumbling, damp kitchen, toilet and boilerhouse extension at the back of Patrick Old School largely built on the old school wall, and replacing it with a light and bright extension housing the Schoolrooms’ Garden room, toilets and kitchen. Every stone from the old school wall has been reclaimed and rebuilt as the outer wall of the new dry and draft proof extension.