Our 'App' guides your walk from the Centre

Holding up to 23,000 internees and their 2,000 guards, Knockaloe Camp was the largest WW1 Internment Camp by far, and the heart of the British internment system. Our Visitors Centre and App tell the story of the camp and the people who lived there over 100 years ago.

Our Centre tells the story of Knockaloe Internment Camp, the many thousands of people for whom it was home between 1914 and 1919 and marks the start of your walk around Knockaloe. The self-guided interactive tour from the Visitor Centre allows visitors to explore the history in the village and on Knockaloe Farm itself. 

The Main Drive walk takes you from the Centre in Patrick Old School, up through Knockaloe Moar, past the Garden of Barbed Wire and towards the coastal path. At any point you can retrace your steps back towards the Visitor Centre and then into Patrick Churchyard.

Please enter the Visitors Centre for an introduction to Knockaloe and to update your app with the full content pack. Pick up a leaflet on our app in the Centre for WW1 Internment at Knockaloe. (When the Centre is closed, the App can still be used however it must be downloaded in advance before visiting the site. A map is inbuilt into the App and the instructions below regarding your visit always apply.)

Get the App

The app is available to freely download from either the Apple App Store or Goggle Play store. Just click the respective link below to get the app.


This app and its content © The Knockaloe Charitable Trust

Using the App

Using the app is very simple - enter the Visitor Centre for an introduction to Knockaloe and, while you’re there, update your app with the full content pack.

Around the Knockaloe site, you will find a number of cards bearing QR codes like the one below.

These codes link to more information within the app about this specific area of the site. Simply go to the ‘Info Card’ section of the app and scan the QR code or enter the 6 digit code directly.

Alternatively, you can take a guided walk through Knockaloe. Go to the ‘Walks’ section of the app and choose your walk. Step-by-step instructions will guide you, and at each stop you will find a QR Code waiting to with more information.


Access to the Knockaloe Farm is by kind permission of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture and is at your own risk.

Please respect the Countryside Code:

Be safe - be aware of vehicles; stick to the permissive parth; and wear suitable footwear as area of the walk can be muddy

Leave gates and property as you find them

Protect plants and animals and take your litter home

Keep dogs under close control and on a lead in farm areas and clear away any dog mess

Please respect those working and living on the farm and in our village



If you experience any problems with this app, then please email dev@knockaloeapp.com.