Mitteilungsblatt Spring 2021

Helping families find out more - some lovely feedback.


Spring 2021 brought the latest edition of “Mitteilungsblatt” from the Anglo German Family History Society (“AGFHS”) with this published thank you from a descendant of an internee whose family we were able to help.

Thank you, Chris – we so appreciated you taking the time to write in! It really is a privilege to be able to help families to find out more and we have received some wonderful letters from the families who share their stories with us – for some it is about an unknown fate, for others it is about finding out more about life within the Camp, for many we hear of the hurt that has lingered within those families for generations resulting from how they were treated 100 years ago and afterwards. We have been working around the clock on the one to one research for hundreds upon hundreds of you who have contacted us, and it means a huge amount to know it is of value.

AGFHS, a mutual self-help group established over 30 years ago, have kindly encouraged and shared our work via their website from the moment we started this project an incredible 10 years ago this year. We were honoured to have AGFHS’s Vice President, Peter Towey, speak at our launch conference in March 2019 whilst Jenny Towey brought so many of the Society’s fabulous publications to share with attendees… and indeed kindly suggested AGFHS fund a large window blind for the Visitors Centre to help future visitors to conferences and lectures (after we were amply blessed by some wonderful Manx sun during the conference!). Then last year AGFHS invited us to write a couple of articles for Mitteilungsblatt about the Centre’s opening (Edition No 125) and about our research work (Edition No 127), and this letter is in a response to the second of those articles.

Thank you AGFHS for your wonderful work, fabulous publications and great support! We shall be bringing copies of the published articles onto our website in due course, but to find out more about the AGFHS which brings together so many different aspects of the experiences of families of German descent who made their homes in Britain and Ireland, and of their experiences before their emigration, go to their website which last month changed address to: