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The Registered Charity seeks to:

  • continually maintain and develop our fascinating Visitors Centre for the historic Knockaloe World War I Internment Camp and for Patrick Village – 100 years after the enemy aliens camp admitted its first of the tens of thousands of men who were interned or worked there, and
  • continually develop our archive of internee family stories which pulls together fragments of information from a multitude of sources and allows these to be retold within the Centre's interpretations, displays and exhibitions. The original official records have been largely destroyed, and so the internees’ grandchildren may be the last remaining descendants with first hand knowledge of the internees themselves, and with a real understanding of their stories. This project aims to collate these human stories 100 years later, and ensure they can be retold for future generations.

The Company is a Registered Charity and is reliant on donations to achieve, manage and develop this project.

Every donation the Charity receives directly supports the project and helps us to achieve so much.

By donating today, you will be helping the Charity to achieve a fabulous interpretation of the incredible stories behind a small village and its thousands of visitors 100 years ago to tell to future generations.

To make a donation please contact us at or click on the link below