How are we funded?

The Knockaloe Charitable Trust’s key aim is to collate and retell the stories of the people who lived in our village over 100 years ago.

How are we funded on an ongoing basis?


We are a Registered Charity set up and run voluntarily by experienced heritage/ professional members of our community.

We do not have any Government or Lottery funding.

Our one part time staff member is funded personally by Donation by the Trustees of The Knockaloe Charitable Trust.

Donations are fundamental to our future - we are so grateful for donations from our visitors and our lovely descendants and some incredibly kind people within our Island who support other costs on an ongoing basis (with any shortfall funded by the Trustees of The Knockaloe Charitable Trust).

All other assistance, including all Trustees’ time, including on internee research, is on a 100% voluntary basis.


How did we fund the Centre’s creation?


The Centre did not received any Government or Lottery funding, however we are so thankful to the Gough Ritchie Trust and the support of so many wonderful people of our Island, our descendants and other supporters of our Charity. Thank you all for helping to make this happen!