Pilates Conference. 14th - 17th July 2016

Pilates Conference


Return to Life Isle of Man 14th – 17th July 2016

During July 1916, the UK based “Pilates Teacher Association”, hosted a conference on the Isle of Man 14th - 17th July 2016 facilitated by the Charity. 

It was great to see so many visitors to our Island for the Pilates Conference, having travelled to hear a range of visiting speakers with a variety of specialisms. The Charity was delighted to welcome attendees and speakers to the Island from a wide range of countries including Australia, America, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Malta and all sorts of places in between!

The Conference commenced with a day focussed on the origins of the Pilates methodology and Pilates’ time on the Island. After the Charity's talk at KWC, we provided a guided tour of Knockaloe and Patrick which was followed by a Pilates mat class led by Kathi Ross Nash. The delegates almost managed to miss the cow pats and had a great time!

Many thanks to KWC, DEFA and the current Knockaloe tenants for their assistance in facilitating this - we were thrilled to have some great feedback.

For more information about Joseph Pilates and his time at Knockaloe see http://knockaloe.im/profile_428812.html

The Charity provided a tour of Knockaloe and Patrick including the Turkish internee graves ©Knockaloe.im

The Charity organised for the conference to hold a mat class on Knockaloe Camp 4 ©Knockaloe.im

After the Pilates class on the Knockaloe camp where Pilates was interned during WW1 ©Knockaloe.im