The Archive

This Project seeks to reinstate the lost records of the Knockaloe Camp internees, from remaining sources and by reaching out via the internet to their descendants around the globe, 100 years later to collate the human stories behind the internees, guards and village members, , to tell the story of the lives of the residents of Patrick and Knockaloe during their time in our village, as well as the stories of them and their families leading to and after internment, and help other descendants, who may have little information, to find out more.

There are potentially well in excess of  1.1 million descendants alive today (calculated with the assistance of the Office of National Statistics) and this number is constantly increasing. As the internees were, by definition, from countries outside Britain and as many were repatriated after the war, the website and Visitors Centre will be multilingual to ensure it can actively reach out to as many descendants as possible.
As well as the World War 1 period, the Visitors Centre will be seeking to provide an archive of the local village and its residents, and look to tell their story, including the many who travelled overseas, to places such as America and Canada, in the late 1800’s.